Introducing Gallery! 🎉

By Jagath Vytheeswaran · October 29, 2021  ·  Follow us on Twitter

At Gallery, we're building the most seamless, generalizable, and extensible way to create, destroy, and manage cloud environments.

With Gallery, engineering teams can convert their limited set of complex environments to a limitless number of ephemeral environments, regardless of the managed services, data layer, cloud provider, etc. Gallery also lets teams link these environments to triggers that make up their existing CI processes - so you could, for example, spin up an environment instantly on a pull request, share the full-stack feature preview automatically through Slack, run E2E testing on the environment from your existing CI provider, and spin down the environment when the PR is merged - all without a single additional click.

How Gallery works

Under the hood, Gallery represents your infrastructure in templates. These templates are what Gallery bases your on-demand environments off of; once you create a template, you can use it to set up environment spin-up and tear-down workflows.

Creating a template is easy; if you currently maintain your infrastructure using Terraform, CloudFormation, or Pulumi, it's as simple as connecting the repo with your codified infrastructure or pasting it directly into our UI. If not, Gallery can build templates directly from your cloud projects, given access to a service account.

Once your template is created, all that's left to do is connect with our many integrations to set up build triggers. Gallery supports most major cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, so we can create, destroy, and manage costs for environments provisioned directly on your own cloud account. We also integrate with most version-control services, including Github, Gitlab, and BitBucket, and task managers like Slack and Notion, so you can trigger environment creation on pull requests, share feature previews with stakeholders automatically, and more. Finally, Gallery has a CLI and GraphQL API so you can spin up ad-hoc environments and build bespoke environment management workflows based on your CI needs.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to schedule a call, or go ahead and check out the app and the docs. Stay tuned for more!

- Gallery Team

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