Save thousands on cloud costs in minutes.

Gallery Cost Management helps engineering teams understand their cloud bill, take easy cost-cutting measures, generate reports and projections, and more.

Built with ease-of-use in mind

You don't need to be a CFO or cloud shaman to take control of cloud costs with Gallery Cost Management.

Get Started in Seconds

Just add in our Terraform, CloudFormation, and/or Pulumi templates to start tracking costs. We work with most major cloud providers (including AWS, GCP, and Azure)

No expertise needed

Gallery surfaces the most important insights for you (from resource-level bills to smart suggestions for alternative resources), and automatically generates pertinent reports that you can share with your team, including intelligent forecasts.


Gallery's systems are continuously monitored for SOC 2 Type I and II, so you can rest assured that your compliance needs are met.

Understand your costs from all angles with advanced filters

Slice your cloud costs with custom filters, so you can figure out the best plan of action to reduce unwanted expenses.

Intelligent forecasting and beautiful reporting

Automagically generate intelligent forecasts and interactive reports, filtered to the level of granularity you want and compatible with sophisticated counterfactual scenarios.

Smart suggestions for cost reduction

Get intelligent recommendations based on detected expenses, including everything from resource modification to suggestions on other cloud providers, and take action without leaving Gallery

Rule-based alerting

Set up rule-based alerting so you can ping designated contacts when expenses are higher than they should be.

Stop wasting time navigating through AWS Cost Explorer

"A penny saved is a penny earned" - Benjamin Franklin


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